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Jette was originally diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma on August 12, 2007, just days after his 7th birthday. After 14 months of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries including the partial removal of 3 ribs, Jette was able to beat this disease. He was in remission for four years until September 13, 2012 when he was diagnosed once again with this cancer. He has been fighting since and has survived more chemo, radiation and a complete left chest wall rebuild including the removal of six ribs. Jette was cancer free for four months towards the end of last year. In January 2014 Jette was complaining of back pain. Tests were ran and scans confirmed he had cancer again for the third time. Ewing's Sarcoma has come back very aggressively and this time Jette was paralyzed from the chest down within six hours of admittance. Jette fought a good fight and passed peacefully on June 12, 2014.    

Jette's Journey has been inspired and founded by our hero, Jette Davis who created this foundation several years ago. Our foundation is committed to bring childhood cancer awareness to everyone. In addition to that JJF has a mission to bring hope and positivity to all kids and their families going through various types of cancer. We do this by bringing gifts to children to keep their minds off of what is happening to them. The more important side of helping these kids besides the material side is the emotional side. We spend time with each one of our kids and families and encourage them to keep fighting. One of the main things that Jette's dad would constantly say to him was "Jette, you got this!" This has become our foundations' slogan to help keep them fighting. Every volunteer and board member is committed to helping make a difference in these young fighters' lives and encourage them to keep pushing through. For all of you fighting now just remember:  


What's next for us?

Thanks to the amazing participants in our JJF 5K run and Jette Fighter Course, a fund raiser from AZ Fusion Cheer and Quarters for a Cause, we were able to raise enough money to get some amazing things going! We are in the midst of getting various custom items together and making it  "The Fighter Kit". We will be giving these out to kiddos fighting cancer! Also, we have a proposal in to remodel room six of the oncology/hematology clinic that Jette goes to at Cardon Children's Medical Center! What is room six you ask? This is a room that both kids and families spend up to eight hours a day in getting treatments! Imagine staring at four walls for hours on end—Boring right? Exactly! These kids deserve amazing rooms while getting treatment! That’s why we would like to make it an amazing music room!! This is just the start of it! We would like to remodel 4-6 exam rooms too! Stay tuned we will post pictures/video soon!  See the Fighter Kits and Making a Difference tabs for more details!!

Click here to donate to the clinic room makeovers!

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